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ACS Delivery Manager/Senior Manager Egypt


نشرت يوم 18 أكتوبر, 2019

5 - 6 سنوات مصر - مصر

اخرى(اخرى). أي جنسية

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*Advanced Customer Services (ACS) Territory Manager (TM) responsible for all aspects of the business, including: customer satisfaction, employee development (TAMs and SDMs), team morale and performance, optimizing the overall operation of the business, and attending to all administrative operational duties.
Manages designated territory. Ensures appropriate account plans and delivery plans are established, managed, updated, and reviewed for all customers and contracts within assigned territory. Works collaboratively with account managers, the Enterprise CSM/CSD, ACS partner teams, and the FSR to ensure optimal operation to meet revenue, margin, utilization, retention and other key business goals. Responsible for: managing costs, optimizing revenue generation, maximizing utilization, accurate time entry and TandM forecasting, complying with all business practices/policies and norms, ensuring within-scope delivery, achieving expected customer satisfaction, obtaining contract renewal/retention, managing resource assignments, conducting account planning sessions, ensuring complete delivery plans, and promoting periodic value-based account reviews. Translates departmental goals into performance objectives for his team and works collaboratively with the extended account team to ensure that departmental and individual goals are achieved. Measures progress against the overall territory plan while routinely coaching account managers to maximize performance.
Demonstrate competency and experience in the following five key areas: 1) strong administrative and organizational skills, 2) advanced business acumen and knowledge of business terminology, 3) experience supervising staff 4) knowledge of ACS services or similar experience managing professional services, and 5) effective customer and account management expertise. Good working knowledge of the tools, methods and techniques used to conduct periodic account planning and account reviews, solid background in professional services, account Management, project Management, IT management, customer support, and enterprise software deployments. PMP and basic ITIL certification is desirable. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and soft-skills, extensive customer face-to-face experience at senior or executive levels, relationship building skills, both internal and external (with the customer). Lead a specialized area which may have diverse functional elements. Frequently interact with supervisors and/or functional peer group managers. May interact with senior management.
As part of Oracle's employment process candidates will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment screening process. This will involve identity and employment verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).


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Delivery Manager/Senior Manager Egypt
Business Area: Customer Support Services Advanced Customer Support
Delivery EMEA
Country: Egypt
Job based in: Cairo
Job Reference
Advanced Customer Services (ACS) Delivery is a global business unit,
within the Customer Services LOB. There are 2 communities in ACS Delivery:
• TAM(Advanced
Service Management), including SDM, TAM, and Project Managers
(Advanced Service Engineering), with competencies in Cloud (SaaS, PaaS,
IaaS), Applications, Database and Middleware Technology and Server and Storage
The purpose of the role is leading MEA ACS Cloud, Applications Service Technical
Engineering community reporting to EMEA Global ACS MEA Delivery Leader.
The role is accountable for building and providing, Application and
Cloud technical skills demanded by ACS customers within the region.
Develops and leads a team of Advanced Service Engineers (ASE) in order
to guarantee high quality ACS technical delivery, as required by the service in
a timely manner and in the most cost effective way.
The role interacts with ACS sales teams, global ACS teams and functions
(ie Product Management, Service Engineering) representing EMEA Global ACS
Delivery when necessary and other Oracle LOBs.
Job Level : M2/M3
(Manager/Senior Manager)
Reports To : Director ACS
Global Delivery Applications EMEA
Location : Egypt
(with up to 30% travel time outside home country)
quantitative objectives. The main 2 KPIs for the role are:
Team Utilization %
Centres contribution (% delivered by ECs)
Staff development and retention
Manages an ASE team responsible for the successful technical delivery of
Advanced Customer Services contracts into designated customer accounts within
one or more country/region, covering one or more technologies
Forms part of the EMEA ASE management team, with shared accountability
for on-site and remote technical capability throughout EMEA
Forms part of the MEA region Delivery Management team, with shared
accountability for ACS business and customer success
Be accountable as the point of contact, within the region, to assure
appropriate technical skills and resource coverage to fulfil ACS delivery
commitments in the most efficient way whether they be on-site, remote or
third party
Service/product development activities/initiatives
Drive the technical and soft skills development of team members in line
with ACS objectives, and their personal development plans, career goals
Engages closely with the regional
ACS TAM Organization and ACS Sales to understand and provide the resources and
the skills needed to deliver proper, effective and efficient ACS Services
Works with Oracle teams across
lines of business such as Premier Support, Customer Management, Licence Sales,
Consulting and Education
Collaborates closely with other managers within the support organisation
(GCM, GCS etc)
Develops strong relationships with
partner organizations and other third parties as required to extend, in a
flexible way, ACS delivery capacity
Ensures Utilization and Expertise Centre Usage, is delivered against
agreed targets and anomalies are identified and act upon
Appraisal of individual team members, setting of realistic measurable
objectives and agreed personal development plans
Provide leadership and direction to the team
Ensures the proper technical resource allocation to ACS services
Identifies and foresees technical skills gap and defines the appropriate
corrective actions
Develops and maintain relationships with senior management across lines
of business and relevant third parties
Assures and improves the quality of the service
Contributes to the wider development of services/product development
Proactively monitor the team utilization rate and the team costs, report
on any potential risks, and devise and own the action plan to achieve the
Monitor Expertise Centre utilization targets and devise and own the action
plan to achieve the target
Proactively monitor the skills needs within its area of responsibility,
report on any potential risks, and devise and own the action plan to fulfil
these needs
Anticipate resource needs and manage hiring activities
Oversee and support any account escalations that may arise
Manage Employee Satisfaction and Talent retention within the assigned
team and proactively report any potential challenge
Ensure all service-related systems and documentation required, either
contractually or as part of a programme, are up to date and accurate
Provide timely management reports as requested by Senior ACS Management
Maintain and promote awareness, about skills and service availability,
within ACS Sales and ACS Delivery organization
Operate in line with Oracle s
business processes and procedures

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