الصفحة الرئيسية وظائف في الامارات وظائف في دبي Commis 2 - مطعم إيطالي

Commis 2 - مطعم إيطالي

Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott

نشرت في نوفمبر 21, 2019

2 - 3 سنوات دبى - الامارات العربيه المتحدة

أي تخرج. Any Nationality, Any European National

عدد الشواغر01

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•A Full Time position based at JW Marriott Marquis
•Number of Direct Reports - 0
•Titles of Direct Reports 0
•2 years Culinary experience
Skills and Knowledge
Education or Certification
following are specific responsibilities and contributions critical to the
successful performance of the position:
• Food Safety
appropriate personal hygiene procedures to ensure food served to guests is safe
for consumption, including disinfecting hands prior to handling food and
wearing a hat/hairnet and proper footwear.
and ensure compliance with food safety and handling policies and procedures,
such as product rotation, First In-First Out (FIFO); dating, labeling,
cleaning, and organizing coolers/freezers/storage areas; and Cold Chain
compliance, across all food-related departments and areas.
all potentially hazardous foods at the correct temperature according to the
HACCP guidelines.
kitchen logs for food safety program compliance (e.g., A1, A2, A3 etc.).
up-to-date knowledge of company Food Safety Programs within assigned area of
responsibility, as well as Dubai Municipality standards.
and ensure the correctness of the temperature of appliances and food using
thermostats and thermometers, including monitoring freezer systems, such as
fans, drains, and doors, for proper operation, and report issues or problems to
facility management.
instructions given by your PIC (Person in Charge)
in practice what you have learned in training.
Kitchen Tools
& Equipment
kitchen tools safely and appropriately, including using appropriate tools to
open cartons, boxes, and cans; keeping knives sharpened; using proper knife
handling procedures; using correct knives for particular food item or specific
task; using dry pads when moving hot material; and engaging all appropriate
safety devices prior to operating equipment.
measuring tools (for example, scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons) to precisely
measure ingredients and portion sizes.
Food Preparation•
and cook food according to recipes, quality standards, presentation standards,
and food preparation checklist, establishing priority items.
ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food
before use.
and peel (if required) fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare them for cooking
or consumption.
foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as
tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils.
measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using
various kitchen utensils and equipment.
food quality while preparing food and throughout the day utilizing the HACCP
forms and production charts.
cold foods, including preparing salads, cold sandwiches, condiments, and
Safety and Security
work related accidents, or other injuries immediately upon occurrence to
company and department safety and security policies and procedures to ensure a
clean, safe, and secure environment.
Loss Prevention/Security of any guest reports of theft.
Policies and Procedures
company, hotel and department policies and procedures.
•Follows Marriott International Hotels Limited
Regional Office policies and procedures
the privacy and security of guests and coworkers.
confidentiality of proprietary materials and information.
uniform, nametags, and personal appearance are clean, hygienic, professional
and in compliance with company policies and procedures.
company tools, equipment, machines, or other assets in accordance with company
policies and procedures.

other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors and Management.•
hours as required to do your job but normally not less than 48 hours per week.
Guest Relations
listen and respond positively to guest questions, concerns, and requests using
brand or property specific process (e.g., LEARN, JW Symphony of Service) to
resolve issues, delight, and build trust.
other employees to ensure proper coverage and prompt guest service.
guests' service needs, including asking questions of guests to better
understand their needs and watching/listening to guest preferences and acting
on them whenever possible.
guests' service needs in a professional, positive, and timely manner.
guests in conversation regarding their stay, property services, and area
guests with genuine appreciation and provide a fond farewell.
and acknowledge each and every guest with a smile, eye contact, and a friendly
verbal greeting, using the guest's name when possible.
guests/residents with directions and information regarding property amenities,
services, and hours of operation, and local areas of interest and activities.
telephones using appropriate etiquette including answering the phone within 3
rings, answering with a smile in one's voice, using the callers' name,
transferring calls to appropriate person/department, requesting permission
before placing the caller on hold, taking and relaying messages, and allowing
the caller to end the call.
to guests and co-workers using clear, appropriate and professional language.
with and listen to other employees to effectively exchange information.
Working with Others


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Commis 2 - مطعم إيطالي

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Marriott Hotels Resorts /JW Marriott

تاسست من قبل j. ويلارد واليس ماريوت في 1927 ، ماريوت الدولية ، وشركه هي الرائدة في مجال السكن العالمي الذي يقع مقره في واشنطن العاصمة في بيثيسدا ، ميريلاند. لديها أكثر من 6000 خاصية في ما يقرب من 122 دولة - الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا (245 عقارًا ، 29 دولة) ، أوروبا (512 مناسبة) es، 37 countries)، United States & Canada (4،526 property، 2 countries)، Caribbean & Latin America (225 properties، 33 countries) and Asia-Pacific (572 property، 21 countries). بدات ماريوت انترناشيونال ، وهي شركه فورتشن 500 ، عملياتها في الشرق الأوسط في 1980 مع فندق ماريوت الرياض في المملكة العربية السعودية.

تشمل مجموعه العلامات التجارية الخاصة بفندق marriott ماريوت وفنادق ماريوت ، وهي العلامة التجارية الرئيسية في marriott مع أكثر من 500 موقع دولي ، إلى جانب 30 علامة تجاريه أخرى. العلامات التجارية الدائمة التطور والحائزة علي جوائز من المنظمة لا تزال تجلب في إرضاء العملاء من خلال تقديم وسائل الراحة الاستثنائية ورعاية الضيوف اليقظة التي تحدد معايير الصناعة. المعروفة باسم واحده من "أفضل أرباب العمل" ، ماريوت يحافظ علي ثقافة الاعمال التي تضع شعبها أولا. تقدم المنظمة فوائد ممتازة ومسارات وظيفية تساعد موظفيها علي النمو مهنيا وشخصيا. تروج ماريوت الدولية للابتكار والتنوع والعمل الجماعي والثقافة المزدهرة. لقد عزز اندماج ماريوت الدولي مع فنادق ومنتجعات ستاروود مكانتها كافضل شركه للسفر في العالم.

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موقع الكتروني https://marriott.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=19164129&lang=en

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