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Accor Hotels

يعين في أغسطس-أب 8, 2019

2 - 3 سنوات دبى - الامارات العربيه المتحدة

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Key tasks
The main role of Cost Account is to understand thoroughly Sofitel objectives in Cost Controls as to:
Provide an effective auditing system for the activities of the Materials Management Division.
Provide a summary of the costs required by various people in the Accounting and Control Division to prepare daily and monthly reports.
Provide Heads of Departments with the cost figures necessary for them to operate their individual profit centre profitably.
Provide a system of monitoring the data input by operation level personnel.
To compare details of quantities, unit costs, etc., on regular purchase orders to those on authorized purchase requests.
To audit prices and quantity variances as per daily Receiving Variance Report.
To ensure the inventory items and services which are bought and used in providing guests services and facilities are stored and used in the controlled manner and according to accounting principles.
To check the data entered by Materials Management employees and to correct where necessary.
To amend the micros data base as requested & approved by proper authorities.
To prepare daily the Comparison Report on Food & Beverage Actual vs. Potential costs / sales. (Applicable to all free standing kitchens/restaurants after 3 months of grand opening)
To reconcile the cost of all officer and entertainment checks and apply credit to the respective departments.
To prepare analysis on General Stores issues such as guest supplies against budget.
To verify the accuracy of recipes for the outlets and kitchens for the purpose of inventory control and potential costing.
To maintain records of inventory transactions which cannot be tracked through the system such as banquet events, cocktails and buffets.
To audit inventory transactions and make adjustments when necessary.
To collate and journalize month-end figures.
To attend month end and other stocktaking activities in all Food & Beverage and general areas.
Reconcile and obtain explanation on variation and prepare Inventory Adjustment Authorization for the Director of Finance s approval.
To coordinate and assist in the inventory taking of operating equipment every three (3) months.
To maintain and keep track of all the FF&E items of the hotel and to coordinate and assist in the inventory taking of FF&E every year.
To have a full working knowledge and capability to supervise, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work to the standard set.
To be entirely flexible and adapt to rotate within the different sub departments of the Accounting & Finance Division.
To be fully conversant with all services and facilities offered by the hotel.
To conduct market survey of different items so as to ensure that the prices paid by hotel should be below the market retail prices.
To understand and audit the operating procedures (purchasing, receiving, store, preparation etc.) of Materials Management Division.
To spot check periodically internal purchase orders for Food & Beverage items against their appropriate market lists.
To investigate reasons for spoilage issue forms and post through the system.
To check on a scheduled basis :
>Butcher yield tables and standard pricing tables
>Accuracy of units of measure and brand information at the receiving.
>Controllable and non-controllable status of inventory item data.
To spot check at random :
>The contents of Minibar in unoccupied rooms
>Units of measure at bar
>The potential and actual costs of individual bars
>The accuracy of outlet recipes and portions being served
>VIP amenities and their respective conversion recipes
>Garbage cans and their contents
>Par stocks in outlets and stockrooms
>Inventory on shelves compared with inventory recorded in the computer
Market survey on food items being purchased
The quality of Food & Beverage items being received to ensure that they match purchase specifications
Inventory turnover
Liquor handling procedures and the use of outlet labels
Pouring brand consumption
To maintain organized files of all pertinent cost audit Operating Equipment and FF&E records.
To be thoroughly familiar with the duties and responsibilities of Materials Receiving and Storing process and be able to train the employee up to the standards required.
To assist in the training of Materials Management personnel as part of the effort to build an efficient team and to take an active interest in their individual development and welfare.
To assist in carrying out quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly inventory of operating equipment.
Sofitel and its Ambassadors
The Sofitel brand is based on three core values guaranteed by each employee every day:
A Passion for Excellence, an Essence of Pleasure and a Spirit of Openness.
Through their actions and know-how, the Men and Women that are the creators of Sofitel s luxury, offer clients a highly personalised service. By transforming every detail into a unique moment of pure comfort and elegance , they create and nurture a relationship with their guests.
The Sofitel values are also at the heart of the communication between employees. It is the legacy received and transmitted by all those involved in the brand to guarantee the continuity of the Sofitel spirit in the hotels and headquarters.


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Essential and optional requirements
We are looking to appoint Cost Accountant for the stunning 5* Sofitel Dubai Downtown who thrives in a high pressured and rewarding team environment and is looking for a career with a hospitality leader.
The ideal candidate will be a friendly, caring, dedicated individual with good cross cultural sensitivity and the willingness to put in an extra effort and time when required, as well as the passion to serve customers. You will work well under pressure in a fast paced environment and enjoy working with a multi-cultural team and guests alike, while possessing following additional competencies:
1.Ambassadors relation skills
2.Strong organizational skills
3. Knowledge in FMC and Sun System will be a plus.
4.Good working knowledge of computers MS Office .

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Accor Hotels

تأسست في عام 1967 من قبل بول Dubrule وجيرارد بيليسون في فرنسا ، AccorHotels هي مجموعة رائدة في جميع أنحاء العالم ومجموعة رائدة في السوق في أوروبا. تشمل AccorHotels شبكة واسعة من أكثر من 4100 فندق في 95 دولة. In the Middle East, AccorHotels’ strong network includes 88 hotels and 25,843 room s in 11 countries. تتراوح بين الرفاهية والاقتصاد ، وتضم المجموعة محفظة غنية من 20 علامة تجارية ، كل منها يوفر أسلوب حياة فريد وراحة لضيوفه في مناطق مختلفة من العالم. تشمل بعض العلامات التجارية فيرمونت ، ثالاسا سي آند سبا ، رافلز ، سوفيتيل ، بولمان ، سويس أوتيل ، جراند ميركيور ، ذا سيبيل ، نوفوتيل ميركيور ، أداجيو ، أيبيس ، جو أند جو ، ماما شيلتر ، وأونفاينستاي. مع افتتاح أكثر من 100 فندق كل عام ، حققت AccorHotels مكانة رائدة في أوروبا.

توظف AccorHotels أكثر من 2،40،000 شخص مع علاماتها التجارية الـ 20 في جميع أنحاء العالم. تقوم المجموعة بتطوير وتوحيد فريقها حول فلسفة مشتركة من الالتزام الأخلاقي ويضمن:

- توفير التدريب المنتظم للتطوير الوظيفي

- تقديم أفضل المزايا وظروف العمل لجميع الموظفين

- تشجيع الحوار المفتوح مع ممثلي الموظفين لتحسين حياتهم العملية

- خلق التنوع وتكافؤ الفرص في العمل

- تشجيع الموظفين على الابتكار والتكيف مع العالم الرقمي

تعمل أكور AccorHotels على تعزيز قواها العاملة الموهوبة ، وهي تبحث دائماً عن الحصول على الموارد لتطوير مشاريعها الفندقية بمزيد من الكفاءة والمرونة ، وتعزيز الربحية.

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موقع الكتروني https://careers.accor.com/Offre-emploi/Cost-accountant+Sofitel-dubai-downtown,j,3,508705,fr.html

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