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Director, Product Management, Managed Services - Middle East & Africa
Managed Services is Mastercard's global marketing strategy and execution arm, supporting hundreds of customers drive results through performance marketing solution. It places Mastercard in the heart of our customer s b2c and b2b engagements. Focused on thinking big and scaling fast around the globe, this agile managed services team is responsible for end-to-end solutions for a diverse global customer base. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for Issuers and Merchants leveraging our data-driven solutions and products to drive our client s most profitable customer engagements and ultimately Mastercard preference with consumers. Similarly, we aim to understand and solve consumer pain points through data.
Managed Services is undergoing a significant transformation to be a more product-centric organization focused on differentiated offerings that leverages data and marketing technology to accelerate marketing campaign performance and associated outcomes. To create exceptional and world-class marketing products for customers and scalable execution, we are seeking a savvy Product Director for our most diverse and expanding market - Middle East & Africa (MEA), who will develop and provide global oversight for products and program delivery related to managed services that we run on behalf of our clients. Superior understanding of customer and consumer needs, with solid understanding in payments will deliver positive ROI for clients and create their reliance on Mastercard Managed Services to deliver their marketing goals. The successful candidate will be responsible for MEA oversight of managed services products including: product ideation & development, value proposition to clients, competitive differentiation and pricing, regional scalability, and delivering high impact and measurable marketing performance to our customers.
Develop the strategic roadmap for adaptation of new products and enhancement of existing products for regional deployment. In partnership with Loyalty, Consulting and Core products, ensure the roadmap is informed by a deep understanding of market demand, combined with market intelligence, research and measurement.
Be a key player in the transformation of Managed Services through product adaptation and creation, development of Minimum Value Proposition (MVP), testing of MVP and Scaling of designed product. Train delivery teams and sales on new products to insure optimized sales and best in class delivery. Adapt or Create sales materials and monitor in-market demand.
Apply your hunger for data and insights into platform products and services that are enhanced with increased usage and applications, generating Client reliance and stickiness.
Ability to be a client-facing expert sales resource and interface with Mastercard global leadership to represent the suite of products
Be one step ahead of clients in identification and adoption of new digital solutions. Have a POV to share with customers on new technology.
Lead or partake in virtual, multi-cultural, cross functional teams product management teams and ensure the KPIs and milestones are delivered.
Evaluating suite of diverse product solutions globally and regionally to implement effective data and insights driven automated product solutions
Growing Mastercard Data & Services revenue and market share through scalable and configurable product solutions.
Embed Mastercard s plethora of assets and products into impactful marketing productsto drive Clients P&L and deliver revenue for Mastercard. As an integrator you possess the creativity to align Client s Customer Value Proposition to Mastercard s assets.
Apply your hunger for data and insights into platform products and services that are enhanced with increased usage and applications, generating Client reliance and stickiness.
Represent Mastercard in Customer forums and industry events, positioning us as the industry leader with highly differentiated capabilities.
Develop strong relationships with Mastercard Leadership including: division presidents, cluster heads and country management to better understand Mastercard and client needs and develop solutions that are in line with both strategic objective
Use an outside-in approach to reimagine Managed Services as the replacement of our customer s internal systems or external agencies, creating enduring and reliant customer relationships through demonstration of quantifiable value.
Ensure all critical KPIs are met or exceeded including:
- Regional Product P&L
- Scalability (number of scalable projects regionally)
- Contribution to regional Mastercard goals
All About You
Ideally strong experience in digital marketing technology, payments product management, and project management.
A penchant for analytics and the insights derived from platforms to form intelligent marketing products.
A customer centric, agile and innovative mindset when creating/enhancing products.
Creative and curious about the new digital solutions that are practically applied. Takes a team approach to integrating assets and functionalities in new and unique ways. Encourages a culture that looks to new technology to establish a competitive advantage. Acts with a sense of urgency.
Strong business development and sales skills for internal and external stakeholders
Demonstrates strong strategic problem solving and is perceived as the digital, payments & marketing expert across clients in the region.

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تأسست ماستركارد في عام 1966 ، وهي شركة عالمية رائدة في مجال التكنولوجيا والمدفوعات. من خلال خبرتها في جعل الدفع أكثر أمانا وذكاء وأبسط ، فإن الشركة تبتكر وتوسع باستمرار نطاق منتجاتها وحلولها للسوق العالمية ، بما في ذلك دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة. سواء كان ذلك ص العمل الفنون والحكومات والتجار والمستهلكون ، يجني الجميع فوائد منتجات وخدمات ماستركارد.

تلقت الشركة العالمية العديد من الاعترافات ، بما في ذلك:

- صنفت بين أفضل 10 في تصنيف بلومبرغ بيزنس ويك 50 السنوي (2013) لأفضل الشركات الأمريكية أداءً

- جائزة أفضل فئة في فئة Paybefore 2013 والأكثر ابتكارًا من جوائز Paybefore الأوروبية (2013)

- 2013 GSMA أفضل منتج أو خدمة NFC / Mobile Money لبرنامج اتصالات التجاري

- التصنيف رقم 5 لممارسات التنوع والتضمين من قائمة DiversityInc لأفضل 50 شركة للتنوع (2013)

تعتبر MasterCard مكانًا عالميًا رائعًا للعمل وتشجع بيئة عمل متعددة الثقافات حيث يمكن للقوى العاملة المتنوعة التعلم والمشاركة في المشروعات الصعبة. تكافئ الشركة الموظفين الموهوبين وتقدم العديد من المزايا مثل جداول العمل المرنة وبرامج التدريب والتطوير.

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