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Works under general supervision of the Range Operations Manager. Performs day-to-day work independently according to established guidelines. Receives instructions from Range Operations Manager regarding ongoing training events on the Udairi Range Complex (URC) and obtains a set schedule bulletin from the RFMSS Scheduler covering all units conducting training events on the URC. Ensures all support operations personnel on the URC are performing all related services in compliance with safety and environmental policies and procedures. 



Ensures that direction of fire, safety data, and time sequences are correct and strictly adhered to as reflected on the Range Concept Bulletin and the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS), communications log.  
Maintains records of all weapons fired on the assigned range(s) and number of personnel trained throughout the training complex.  
Operates three or more range-control radio nets to control ranges and live fire maneuver, monitors training areas, and provide instructions and advisory information to preclude aircraft incursion into activated restricted use air space.  
Provides continuous application of communication to ranges, training areas, and training facilities. Issues detailed instructions to training units in the URC, conducting live ammunition firing on various ranges, firing points, and training areas throughout the URC, and simultaneously coordinates the safe entry and exit of support personnel into active danger areas. 
Explains safety procedures and requirements to the Range Officer in Charge (OIC)/Range Safety Officer (RSO) and training units pertaining to range usage in accordance with established regulations and SOPs.  
Ensures all safety requirements are known and enforced, and a safe training environment always exists.  
Coordinates safe entry and exit of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Teams, wildlife, and Range support personnel into active danger areas.  
Reports to supervisor all major problems or requests for deviation from prescribed safety practices.  
Verifies schedules, records data, and prints required reports using the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) 
Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of established Army Regulations, ASG-KU Range Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Safety Regulations, Field Manuals (FM's) and Technical Manuals (TM's) applicable for necessary information pertaining to the firing and other uses of ammunition and explosives by troops in training. 
Conducts OIC/RSO Briefings  
Conducts range tours and safety briefings for all U.S, Coalition, DA/DOD Civilians and Host Nation Forces. 
Ensures safety standards of all ranges and or training areas in accordance with DA PAM 385-63. 
Responsible for all NETCOMS communications procedures under Range Operations 
Responsible for coordinating MEDEVACs on the URC. 
Knowledgeable of mechanical and electronically programmable target operation 
Ensures all using units have appropriate Surface Danger Area Diagram (SDAD) for training events. 
Conducts multi-national briefings and instructions utilizing Coalition Force interpreters’ 
Responds to emergencies and notifies proper authority. 
Prepares accident reports as required by company and US government. 
Enforces and monitors unit range operations to ensure that Army policies are enforced. 
Performs administrative duties to include records preparation/maintenance. 
Performs other duties as required. 

Computer and FM radios 

Indoor and/or outdoor environment.  
Standard work week will be six (6) days per week for up to eight (8) hours per day. May work 12-hour shifts as required. 
May be required to work an uncommon schedule including nights, weekends and holidays.  
Must be able to work in extreme environmental conditions including dust and high temperatures.   
Must have professional appearance consistent with US military customs. 
Required to observe all safety, security, and health requirements for office, warehouse, and outside environment. 

Must be physically capable of lifting 75 pounds a vertical distance of four feet and carrying this weight a horizontal distance of 25 feet.  



ملخص المرشح المطلوب

Education/Certifications :
• BA or eight (8) to ten (10) years military experience in Combat Arms operations .
• U.S. Army Advanced NCO Course (ANCOC) or Advanced Officer Course graduates with knowledge of military air operations and procedures .
• U.S. Army Master Gunner graduate or other service equivalent preferred.
• Must complete the Range Operations Professional Development (ROPD) Program IAW AR 350-19 within 30-days of hiring
Experience :
• 6-8 years military experience in Combat Arms Branch is required.
• 6-8 years experience in range design and development is required.
• 4-6 years experience working with coalition units required, prior experience working with Interpreters is preferred.
• Battalion or Company Level Master Gunner experience is preferred.
Required Qualifications:
• Must meet USCENTCOM physical / medical requirements.
• Must deploy to USCENTCOM training locations with austere living conditions.
Specialized Knowledge:
• Must be proficient in computer operations.
• Demonstrated proficiency with Range Safety Danger Area Diagrams (SDAD) to ensure safe range operations for ground weapon systems is required.
• Working knowledge of the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
• DA Approved M1/M2 Series Master Gunner experience preferred.
• Proficient in military map reading, land navigation and radio operations are required.
• Applies knowledge of weapons systems, range safety, and training to ensure safe operations.
• Must have the ability to operate radio equipment to accomplish duties, and perform as a Fire Desk Operator, if required.
• Ability to demonstrate leadership and management skills, in a professional demeanor, is required.
• Ability to work effectively with employees and management of all levels [to include multi-national staff, superiors, and ranking military officers.]
• Strong interpersonal skills is required.
• Collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and teamwork, is required.
• Ability to exercise good judgment and insight, to understand the overall effect of decisions, is required.
• Ability to prioritize responsibilities in order to handle a demanding workload is required.
• Must have strong analytical skills, including the ability to extract and compile data for analysis.
• Detail-oriented with a high degree of accuracy, is required.
• Ability to anticipate internal client needs is required.
• Advanced ability to communicate in English, both verbally and written.
• Advanced proficiency in Word, Excel, and Outlook applications, is required.
• Ability to read, analyze, and interpret reports and documents.
• Ability to effectively articulate information to management.
• A valid U.S. Secret security clearance is required.
• Must have valid US D river L icense, and the ability to obtain a U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator License and Kuwait Driver License.
• Must be able to obtain a Civilian Access Card (CAC)
• Must be able to maintain USG network access.

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