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Play Your Part
The Guest Service Supervisor is assisting the Hotel Excellence & Guest Experience Manager with day to day operations, acting as the first line of guest relation, ensuring guest recovery where needed, answering and responding to internal and external guest needs and ensures a smooth and efficient service delivery.
Main Duties :
• Should be available in the lobby and public area in order to handle requirements.
• Manage all internal guest calls, requests and complaints
• To greet waiting guests during check-in and check-out and offer assistance to avoid any delays. Action check in / out when needed to support the reception and reduce the waiting time.
• To be thoroughly familiar with Hotel policies, procedures and practices concerning in particular reservation, room assignment, baggage handling, housekeeping methods, restaurant and room operations, Hotel Entertainment and Park offers and the Park operational updates.
• To maintain a log and record an unusual incidents and check any important matters that need follow-up.
• To make periodic guest room and public area inspection so as to be thoroughly knowledgeable of their location and to check their standard of appearance and cleanliness.
• To make daily rounds through all operation departments. This is to increase visibility to guests and employees particularly at night.
• To report to Engineering Department of any faulty lights or any other faults immediately.
• To coordinate with the Housekeeping in controlling the lost and found items.
• To be responsible for preparing accident report, check on complaint and VIP arrivals.
• To ensure that the lobby and entrance are kept clean at all times and the main entrance is free of obstruction and traffic congestion.

He/she should be well informed of local, city and country places of interest, shopping arcades, religious services, transportation, etc.
Health & Safety :
Managers/Supervisors are responsible for all aspects of Health, Safety & Security within their department, in line with the Group Policy (HS001). In particular, they must ensure that risk assessments have been carried out, that safe working procedures are in place for all work activities and that all employees under their management are aware of the Group Health, Safety and Security Policy and their obligations under it. They must ensure that safe working practices are monitored, and that risk assessments and procedures are reviewed regularly. Where incidents do occur, they must ensure that they are investigated appropriately and that where necessary, corrective action is taken to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.
Are You a Star?
In order to be qualified for this role you should possess the below criteria:
• High school diploma or equivalent experience required
• 1 3 years of Hotel front desk or guest relation experience using OPERA PMS or equivalent preferred
• Must be able to speak the English language clearly and any additional language is beneficial
• Provide excellent customer service and maintain a professional demeanor
• Ability to communicate effectively with others both verbally and written
• Must have excellent guest service skills, proven conflict resolution skills, and proven leadership skills to drive initiatives to improve the team and the business

Ability to stand for long periods of time. Must be able to work a flexible schedule including evenings, weekends, and holidays
The Best Part of The Story
We offer a competitive salary and benefits package which includes; housing allowance, comprehensive medical coverage, life and accident insurance and other generous allowances.
We also care about your career development supported by Learning opportunities for those seeking a long-term future in the Company.

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مشرف خدمة الضيوف - فندق ليغولاند®

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Dubai Parks and resorts

تأسست دبي باركس آند ريزورتس في عام 2014 ، وهي واحدة من أكثر الوجهات الترفيهية والترفيهية شهرة في دبي. وكان مفهوم الجمع بين أفضل من الشرق والغرب والفكر والتي وضعتها meeras القابضة. يمتد المجمع المتكامل على مساحة تزيد عن 25 مليون قدم مربع من الأرض ثلاث مدن ملاهي ومتنزه مائي واحد هما ليغولاند دبي ، حديقة ليجولاند المائية ، موشنجاتي دبي وبوليوود باركس دبي. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، يضم المتنزه أيضاً Riverland Dubai ، و Plaza Plaza ، و Lapita ، وهو مطعم عائلي على الطراز البولينيزي.

مع أكثر من 100 لعبة وجمال ، تقدم الحديقة ارتفاعات جديدة في الترفيه التجريبي لزوارها. ان رؤية دبي للحدائق والمنتجعات هي ان تضع نفسها علي خريطة العالم من خلال وضع دبي كوجهه سياحية عالميه تاسر الأسر. وتتباهى الشركة بتقديم رواتب تنافسية ومزايا تشمل علاوة السكن ، وبدل الطيران السنوي ، والتغطية الطبية الشاملة ، والتأمين على الحياة والحوادث وغيرها من البدلات السخية. وتتولي الشركة أيضا رعاية التطوير الوظيفي لموظفيها من خلال توفير فرص التعلم الوافرة لهم.

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