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مهندس برامج رئيسي (مكدس كامل)


نشرت يوم 17 أكتوبر, 2019

5 - 6 سنوات تونس - تونس

بكالوريوس العلوم (أجهزة الكمبيوتر). أي جنسية

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Driven By Curiosity
At Vistaprint, we believe that everything we do has a lasting impact on our customers and on each other. تبدأ وتنتهي بشغف لمساعدة عملائنا على النجاح. To give them our best, we empower our team with the autonomy they need to make smarter decisions and pursue higher value. We thrive on exploration, التعاون, and helping every customer grow their business beyond imagination. Fueled by technology and innovation, we are so much more than a call center.
Putting Your Expertise To Work
كمهندس برمجيات الرصاص, you will be a member of the Customer Experience team, responsible for identifying and executing opportunities for growth at Vistaprint. Through an agile, زبون-ركز, تجربة-و-learn methodology, the team will target new opportunities to serve small businesses. Learn more about our journey at https://cx.vistaprint.com/
المكدس الأساسي الذي نستخدمه
• C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core
• NUnit، NSubstitute، وSpecFlow
• تتفاعل, مسج, العمود الفقري شبيبه, ساس, موكا, الناخر, نود.جي إس
• التكامل المستمر والنشر مع جينكينز، التحف، AWS
• هيكل الخدمات الصغيرة الناشئ
• نيوبقايا، سومولوجيك (من الجميل أن يكون)
في المقابل سوف تجلب لك
We re looking for a variety of skill sets to bring into the team to complement each other. وسوف تنطوي الأدوار النماذج السريعة ومزيج من الخبرة الأمامية والخلفية. يجب أن يكون لدى جميع المرشحين خلفية فنية متنوعة, روح المبادرة, and a passion for innovation. هنا ما نتوقع أن نرى على استئناف:
• 5+ years of professional software development
• Strong knowledge of design patterns and good software engineering principles
• Experience leading and mentoring junior team members
• Experience with Agile development using Scrum or Kanban
• Collaboration skills to effectively work with business partners, stakeholders and other technologists (locally and remotely)
• مهارات اتصال شفهية وخطية قوية باللغة الإنجليزية
• Attention to detail and a proactive mindset
ما في ذلك بالنسبة لك؟
• Work in a highly collaborative, self-organizing team + the ability to decide how your team works and what technologies you use
• Being part of a Global team, daily collaboration with peers and stakeholders from Vistaprint locations around the globe (USA, Europe, )
• Competitive salary + comprehensive benefits
• ساعات عمل مرنة
• Continuous development opportunities such as onsite training, meetups, conferences, and online training subscriptions
• Onsite Gym room
• Onsite game room (baby-foot, ping pong, Play-station)
• و اكثر!
Our People Are Your People
We truly believe in the innovation and creativity of our people at Vistaprint. Trusting them to understand the needs of our customers and to take the lead in finding better solutions is what we re made of. عند العمل معنا, you ll be surrounded by ambitious and energetic individuals who challenge each other every day. When you come to us with inventiveness, براعة, التواضع, and endless curiosity, you ll see that our people are your kind of people.
Apply now and find out what #LifeInVistaprint is all about!
تكافؤ فرص التوظيف
Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, الأصل القومي, جنس, العمر, دين, التوجه الجنسي, veteran status or marital status.
Please submit your CV in English
قطاع الوظائف:
مطور, مهندس البرمجيات, مهندس, جافا, مركز الإتصال, تكنولوجيا, هندسة, خدمة العملاء

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مهندس برامج رئيسي (مكدس كامل)

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