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Client of Binding Partnerships

نشرت يوم 3 أكتوبر, 2019

4 - 5 سنوات دبى - الامارات العربيه المتحدة

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Our clients' professional balance analytical skills, البصيرة في السوق العميق والاستقلالية لتقديم صلابة, defensible analysis and practical advice to their clients. كمنظمة, they think globally. نحن نخلق الشفافية في عالم غامض, ونشجع شعبنا على فعل الشيء نفسه. وهذا يعني عندما تأخذ مكانك في فريقنا, سوف تكتشف بيئة عمل داعمة وتعاونية تمكّنك من التفوق. إذا كنت مستعدًا لمشاركة وجهة نظرك مع العالم, عندها يمكنك أن تحدث تأثيرًا حقيقيًا هنا.
Our client is a multinational financial services business that is a leading global provider of risk solutions. , They assist clients in making confident risk management decisions about people, الأصول, العمليات والأمن من خلال مجموعة واسعة من التحقيقات, الأمن السيبراني, العناية الواجبة والامتثال, الأمن المادي والتشغيلي وخدمات إدارة البيانات والمعلومات.
The position is located in the Dubai office. This role will require regular travel within the Middle East region. As an Associate Director, you will either be responsible for managing an aspect of a large investigation or be responsible for all aspects of case management, from conducting research and analysis to structuring reports and managing resources to presenting conclusions to clients with respect to a small and medium-size investigation. هذا هو العميل-facing role and as such, you will be expected to build and retain key relationships and exceed in meeting the client s needs, whilst ensuring that the clients brand remains intact at all times.
Due to the range of cases that you will manage across various industry-sectors and country locations, a key interest in global events and markets, with an awareness of working across different cultural and political environments is essential.
• To ensure the efficient management of cases which includes:
• To gain a deep understanding of the case and client needs through discussions directly with the client or taking direction from a senior member of the team.
• Scoping the project and writing and submitting proposals.
• Accurately forecast and effectively manage all aspects of case finances and contribute to the successful management of the case budget.
• Examine and interpret the information obtained to produce in-depth and detail-orientated analysis, identifying further research that needs to be carried out and what leads need to be investigated to support case development.
• القدرة على تحليل, interrogate and perform data analytics on large amounts of financial data and present findings coherently using Excel. Ability to effectively carrying out interviews with a range of stakeholders involved in the investigation.
• Write well structured, logical and objective reports which present the research in a client-focused manner and addresses the clients central questions and concerns.
• Effectively manage case resources including subcontractors and other 3rd party services, ensuring the correct protocols are followed, costs are monitored and accounted for accurately.
• Effectively feedback case findings and work closely with other members of the team involved in the investigation.
• Understand and comply with UK, European & US and other applicable regulations.
• كسب في-depth understanding of other legal systems and implications of working across jurisdictions to support the variety of casework undertaken.
• Support senior members of the team on complex, متعدده-jurisdictional cases.
• Monitor quality of own work product and conduct follow-ups with clients or senior members of the team where necessary.
• Support the growth of the team through involvement in non-case related projects, internal initiatives and business development activities.
• Identify own learning needs and opportunities, and continuously seek to improve case-work performance.
• The ability to read and write fluently in English and Arabic is essential for this role.
• Fluency in English and Arabic is essential for this role. Any other language is an asset.
• Experience in a reputable professional or financial/accounting services firm, أو من التحقيق/بحوث-intensive organization.
• 4 to 5 years of experience in conducting investigations on various types of inappropriate activities (i.e. فساد, تزوير, IP theft, conflict of interest );
• Experience in performing fraud and corruption reviews and/or compliance consulting is desirable
• Clarity of thought and expression to win confidence from key stakeholders and colleagues.
• An analytical, inquisitive and logical mind.
• Ability to communicate in both a verbal and written format, to a very high standard, مع الاهتمام الممتاز بالتفاصيل.
• Ability to drive forward and co-ordinate a number of concurrent projects and tasks, managing competing demands.
• Proven ability to research relevant markets, analyse information and clearly identify commercial opportunities.
• Strong communications skills (upward, downward, across individuals, عبر الثقافات, across business lines) in both a verbal and written format.
• A highly professional and commercial approach to problem-حل.
• Familiarity with using data review and analytics tools such as Relativity, فكرة, Tableau;
• Advanced Microsoft Office skills, with proven experience in using Word, اكسل وباور بوينت.
• An accounting or forensic designation is desirable

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مدير - ذكاء الأعمال والتحقيقات

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Client of Binding Partnerships

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