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Sharjah Cooperative Society

تم نشره يوم 29 يناير, 2020

6 - 12 سنوات الشارقه - الامارات العربيه المتحدة

بكالوريوس تجارة (التجارة) ، وبكالوريوس في إدارة الأعمال (الإدارة). أي جنسية

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1. Job Purpose
• Envision and source products that may fit in the PL portfolio and be marketed under SCS brand name.
• Develop PL products and search for manufacturer to produce these products for SCS.
• Work closely with the Marketing department on SCS brand positioning, brand management of PL products and packaging of approved products, along with market research on new product creation initiatives.
• Prepare sales forecast and procurement plan with concerned parties and support Operations Department in achieving the sales target.

2. Key Accountabilities
Survey the market for customer recognition before procuring products to ensure a successful market entry, this includes but is not limited to, working closely with the Operations department before and after procurement and obtaining feedback from Section Manager’s on PL products for changes required and communicate such required changes to the supplier(s) to optimise the product. May work with external consultants such as market surveying consultants.
Support the marketing department in developing a PL brand strategy and ensure the implementation and adherence to it.
Avoid cannibalisation of market share via competition with the PL manufacturer by signing appropriate contracts, including but not limited to, non-compete or exclusivity contracts, agreeing on different distribution channels, different product image and/or pricing.
Ensure PL product safety and quality during purchase by forming and heading procurement committees that perform audits, inspections, hygiene monitoring, packaging and testing of all SCS PL products.
Plan product ranges and preparing sales and stock plans in conjunction with buyers for the assigned category.
Maintain a comprehensive library of appropriate data related to suppliers, distributors and product specifications.
Work closely with visual-display staff and department heads to decide how goods should be displayed to maximise sales.
Forecast profits and sales, and optimise the sales volume and profitability of designated product areas
planning budgets and presenting sales forecasts and figures for new ranges.
Analyse every aspect of bestsellers (for example, the bestselling price points, colours or styles) and ensuring that they reach their full potential.
Conduct regular benchmark studies and researches to maintain awareness of competitors' performance and activities.
Monitor slow sellers and propose price reductions or set promotions as necessary.
Analyse previous season's sales and report on the current season's lines, identify cause for variances and propose actions to benefit from positive trends or correct negative trends.
Accompany buyers on visits to manufacturers to appreciate production processes and ensure compliance with quality requirements and capability of delivering necessary quantities.
Identify production and supply difficulties and deal with any problems or delays as they arise.
Meet with new suppliers and manage the distribution of stock, by negotiating cost prices, ordering stock, agreeing timescales and delivery dates.
Provide annual, semi-annual and quarterly forecasts and reforecast to senior management based on information gathered from SCS outlet managers, comparisons with previous years and other relevant data
Manage the implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), policies, procedures, processes and control measures and ensure team’s adherence to SCS values including but not limited to; maintaining information confidentiality.
Comprehend and adhere to the related UAE legislations, and recommend suitable changes to merchandising policies, procedures, processes and SLAs in the event of new legislation.
Enforce procurement policies and ethics on corresponding operations sections and suppliers as well as communicate observations and recommendations to corresponding managers to ensure that the correct procedures and practices are applied
Take steps to report and remedy unethical practices including but not limited to; conflict of interest between SCS employees and suppliers such as favouritism, nepotism, banning of suppliers without legitimate cause.
Ensure the full documentation of the merchandising and sourcing process, incidents and supplier files, including but not limited to safeguarding contracts hard and softcopies and ensuring that agreements are made in a reliable manner in compliance with Finance department’s requirements.
Review and negotiate contract such as fees, prices, terms and obtain legal opinion before finalisation of contract draft.
Visit related exhibitions to meet and evaluate new suppliers.
Propose the yearly budget and ensure the adherence to the approved budget.
Set appropriate control mechanism to ensure budget compliance and take corrective measures when necessary.
Propose and take necessary measures towards the continuous reduction of the operational costs.
Build and maintain a customer service culture in the team to provide excellent internal customer service as well as supplier relationship management, which distinguishes SCS positively from its competitors.
Day to day management of direct reports. Responsible for setting and delegating individual KPIs and activities to ensure targets are met. Regularly monitor and provide constructive feedback relating to performance, ensure high motivation levels, understand training and development needs, and provide insights for improvement of individual performance.


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