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نشرت في سبتمبر 13, 2020

3 - 6 سنوات 8,000 - 12,000 (والربع 154,286 -ليشتي 231,429) Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

بكالوريوس التكنولوجيا/الهندسة (الميكانيكية) ، دبلوم (الميكانيكية). أي مواطن عربي ، أي مواطن خليجي ، أي مواطن أوروبي

بدل سكن

سهل التطبيق

عدد الشواغر 01

الوصف الوظيفي

ايميل الوظيفة
تم إرسال البريد الإلكتروني بنجاح.

1. Perform a wide variety of Inspection and Quality Control operation of visual, dimensional, and functional Nature, making necessary critical observations, tests, or competing appropriate documentation as required.

2. Understanding the job requirements in accordance with applicable requirements, specifications and codes as agreed in the contract

3. Carryout NDE inspection as applicable (Qualified to ASNT Level-II in DPI/MPI as minimum)

4. Hands on experience to use measuring instruments & Gauges to prepare dimensional records and report to supervisor

5. To assist NDE supervisor during inspection and evaluation

6. Preparation of MPI/LP reports daily basis and report to Supervisor

7. Data book preparation skill essential to assist Supervisor on daily basis

8. Monitoring measuring instrument calibration status on daily basis

9. To perform MPI/LP on equipment where TPI/Client witness at shop

10. Perform Dimensional/NDE inspection on site (Supplier)

11. Pro-active nature and Good communication skills required at work

12. To assist Supervisor during Internal & ISO /API audits

13. Ability to work independently with limited supervision

النفط والغاز / البترول

نوعية / تجربة / جواب / مراقبة الجودة / مفتّش

الكلمات الرئيسية

NDE Inspection ASNT Level II Certified DPI/MPI MPI/LP reports Internal ISO/API audits.

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WIN WIN is an HR consultancy firm providing solutions and services to its client organization in the fields of recruitment and career opportunities for individual candidates.The firm was formed with a vibrant team of dedicated professionals with immense knowledge and experience.We at WINWIN are comm itted to fit the right people for the right job. By this we are able to bring out the best performance from the candidate and deliver the efficient human resource to the clients organization.Hence its a WIN WIN for both sides
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السيد/راشد مالك-مجند موارد بشريه

موقع الكتروني http://www.winwinhrc.com/

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