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Senior Executive Follow-up and Coordination

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

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Functional Role:
• Office Correspondence :
• Compose, prepare efficiently all office correspondence (Arabic and English) having zero mistakes
• Proofread and disseminate correspondences to the related internal and external parties;
• Receive and screen incoming calls, greet visitors and handle their inquiries or direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs;
• Follow-up any issue internally concerning office staff, e.g. attendance, visa processes, medical insurance, etc...
• Calendar Management:
• Schedule, prioritize appointments, ensuring that meetings, deadlines and other duties of the ED, Tourism Development and Investments office are carried out seamlessly;
• Handle, coordinate travel arrangements; prepares itineraries; prepares, compiles and maintains travel vouchers and records.
• Alert concerned parties about any cancellations or new meetings and maintain calendar up to date.
• Projects Liaison and coordination
• Create a strong and accurate follow up system
• Ensure that all the team members tasks are aligned and deadlines are met
• Builds a thorough understanding of DTCM and DM procurement system in order to follow up on tender life cycle
• Relationship management:
• Understanding the nature of work of each government entity or project partners
• Building a strong professional relationship with all internal and external parties related to the project
• Meetings & Events:
• Organize and coordinate internal and external meetings, conferences, conference calls, etc...
• Ensure meeting agenda is shared with all related parties, attend meetings, record meeting minutes circulate on all involved parties ;
• Records Management:
• Setting up and manage both electronic and paper filing systems;
• File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports.
• General Tasks:
• Maintain office supplies of stationery and equipment suffice;
• Perform any other job-related duties and responsibilities as designated by the line manager.
• Office operations
• Internal customer satisfaction index;
• Accurate and timely preparation of correspondence;
• Ability to manage a heavy calendar
• Timely responses on meeting requests
• Record management
• Availability of updated records;
• Timely and ease of retrieve records;
• Alignment with record keeping guidelines;
• Availability of all required level of office supplies;
• Proficient in English, Arabic is essential;
• Proficient in MS Office Software.
Skills and Abilities:
• Organizational skills;
• Project management skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Communication skills;
• Multi task;
• Excellent oral and written communication skill;
• Attention to detail and deadlines;
• Ability to assess priorities;
• Ability to perform under pressure;
• Analytical thinking;
• Results Orientation;
• Teamwork.
• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or any other related field.
Preferred Experience:
• 5 - 6 years of relevant working experience.
Working Conditions:
• Occasional offsite meetings/visits.
- Promotes the morale of their team; ensures that the tasks assigned and the objectives put for their team members are commensurate with their abilities and can be accomplished at the desired level.
- Plans to solve anticipated problems proactively; seizes opportunities to develop the inputs and outputs of their team s work.
- Shows good understanding of the personal and needs of their team members and subordinates; promotes positive work relationships in the work environment; always seeks to highlight the contributions of colleagues and subordinates through the division of work tasks in a way that suits and reinforces their abilities and helps them to succeed; encourages and facilitates knowledge-sharing and devises mechanisms for knowledge transfer and sharing.
- Celebrates not only the achievements of their team, but also the team members individual and professional successes; intervenes to support and back subordinates and team members when obstacles arise; always has alternative plan in case of deadlocks; shows interest in lessons learned from previous projects.
- Displays a good degree of composure when facing problems and work pressures and cooperates with colleagues to overcome these; stays focused in times of crises.
- Ensures they manage diversity and differences among team members and uses these in the interest of work and its outcomes.
Creativity & Innovation
- Sees possibilities which others have not noticed
- Strong ability to commercialise ideas or new approaches
- Continually learns and develops skills to apply innovative thinking to stay ahead of customer expectations
- Takes calculated risk after carefully weighing up potential hazards and benefits to the entity
- Encourages brainstorming sessions to get team inputs
- Helps others in leading to creative solutions through questioning, experimenting and augmenting their input
- Finds out about employees education, interests and skills that go beyond their stated job responsibilities, and tries to leverage this knowledge creatively within their present job roles
- Consistently generates and employs original ideas for him/herself and others
- Adapts own thinking to meet changing circumstances, unexpected constraints and challenges
Excellence in Execution
- Anticipates problems that may interfere with the quality of services offered
- Supports others in their quest for excellence
- Systematically applies learning about quality issues from previous experiences
- Works on finding radical solutions and resists pressure for a short-term fix that will not improve quality on the long-term
- Organises team s work and allocates tasks/responsibilities so that objectives can be accomplished
- Clarifies and prioritizes objectives, and gives constructive feedback to keep team focused
- Encourages others to use planning tools and utilities to facilitate success
Organizational Understanding
- Demonstrates good understanding of the section/department s operations/services provided and their objectives
- Understands the products and services provided by the section/department and the reasons behind them
- Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the work processes and procedures applied in functional unit
- Demonstrates good knowledge of the functions within the Government Entity and the relationship between them



ملخص المرشح المطلوب

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or any other related field.
Strategic Thinking
- Considers long-term strategic implications before making short-term tactical decisions
- Implements human resources initiatives to foster an environment at the Government Entity that equips employees with adequate competencies and resources necessary to perform their role
- Creates work plans for own team, and implements and monitors key milestones to reach defined strategic outcomes
- Comprehends all organizational consequences of implementing a strategy; Aligns structure, processes, systems and talent based on a thorough analysis of future opportunities, risks, requirements and short-term trade-offs
- Adapts strategy to changing conditions, and exercises keen judgment when adapting changes to strategies
- Attentive to work characteristics and trends that may signify a phenomenon or pattern in performance
Business Judgment
- Demonstrates sound knowledge and understanding of policies and procedures within Government Entity, and ensures alignment with Dubai Government Strategy
- Ensures own team comprehend the impact of their decisions and actions
- Able to make significant decisions that positively affects Government Entity, and consequently Dubai Government
- Enhances opportunities that drive the Government Entity towards the achievements of its goals
- Recognizes different levels of authorities and decision making within Government Entity and Dubai Government
- Performs complex information analyses, examining multiple factors to establish cause-and-effect relationships
- Identifies and assesses a range of options, and decides on optimal solution based on the overall impact and link to goal attainment
Enabling Change
- Responds positively and proactively to unexpected change
- Aware of the impact of change on Dubai Government and the community
- Acts as a change agent to support change through creating awareness and educating others about change across Dubai Government and Government Entity
- Sponsors change within own functional unit
- Clarifies expected outcomes and measures success during change
- Promotes and leads the change process and assist others through change and transition
- Develops practical and attainable work plans to implement change and achieve tangible results
- Keeps change project progress on-track through close monitoring of the transition process, and evaluation of actual versus expected results
Leading and Inspiring Others
- Helps build a collaborative team spirit
- Recognizes talent and is able to recognize employees strengths and areas of improvement
- Helps unify team members efforts by supporting and praising their efforts and contributions
- Keeps team informed about latest initiatives and developments
- Ensures clarity of roles and responsibilities by providing team with clear direction and setting SMART goals
- Monitors and updates the teams on work progress
- Leads by example through own behavior
- Provides team with constructive feedback whether results meets expectations or falls below expectations
- Monitors workload and allocates it among team appropriately
- Recognizes unique capabilities of individuals and acknowledges them openly
Developing People
- Provides continuous feedback on performance that is forward-looking and constructive
- Educates employees on how to evaluate own performance by helping them identify their areas of strengths and development needs
- Encourages increasing delegation and provides feedback to encourage ongoing development
- Uses employee goals and performance to qualify and coach employees
- Is accessible and available for support and promotes open channels of communication with employees
- Acquires knowledge from a variety of developmental to

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Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

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