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Walk In Drive - Massage Therapist (Female Only)

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تم نشره يوم 22 فبراير, 2020

2 - 4 سنوات $501 - $2,000 (₹35,786 - ₹142,858) أبو ظبي, دبى, الشارقه - الامارات العربيه المتحدة

أي تخرج. أي عربي قومي ، هندي ، فلبيني انثى

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Walk In Drive - Massage Therapist (Female Only)
Date: 22nd and 23rd February 2020
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Location: 3101, 31st Floor, Al Saqr Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Slimming Therapist is responsible for service delivery, in house revenue generation in slimming services under the general
guidance of the centre / slimming head and in co ordination with other slimming specialists such as Physiotherapists & Dietician.

ملخص المرشح المطلوب

❖ To ensure that service delivery is 100% as per VLCC Protocol
❖ To ensure timely completion of Zero Session as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
❖ To record client’s measurements at:
➢ Enquiry stage
➢ Zero session stage
➢ After every month for full body
Every session for spot reduction therapies as per SOP
❖ To ensure trolley, bed setting in the therapy and appliance rooms as per the SOP and overall cleanliness of the slimming
services area.
❖ To lay out and use the products service wise as per SOP
❖ To ensure to disinfect appliance pads before every session and clean them weekly as per SOP
❖ To deliver expected centimeter loss through scientific service delivery
❖ To respond to client-in-session within 10 seconds of hearing the call bell
❖ To immediately highlight any program or medical contraindications seen during the session to the Slimming head immediately.
❖ To keep in view & adhere to the Medical Contraindications with respect to Therapies as directed by Slimming head prior to
respective client’s session.
❖ Check & record the weight of each client on Client Program Record (CPR)
❖ Check & record the weight of each client on Daily Record Register (DRR).
❖ Review client’s progress post each session
❖ Provide a minimum of 15 minutes bed-side counseling each week post each slimming session.
❖ Recommend need based slimming treatments for upselling/rebooking.
❖ In absence of the physiotherapists to provide customized activity plans to clients.
❖ Ensure clients meet the targeted weight loss targets set by the Slimming Head
❖ Counsel and guide clients facing weight plateaus and suggest appropriate course of action.
❖ Seek advice from the Slimming Head as needed in order to ensure each client is successful in meeting his/her goals
❖ Responsible for general upkeep of the Slimming Department. Any dysfunction of appliances to be immediately escalated to
Slimming head.
❖ To regularly update and correctly complete all related documentation
❖ To ensure documentation are maintained accurately. Prepare and maintain all necessary reports / paperwork on a regular
basis. Ensure accuracy and completeness of appointment planner. Ensure accuracy of all relevant financial and operational
data is captured, maintained and reported timely.
❖ To ensure related medical problems of clients to be consulted with Slimming head before starting treatment for proper results.
❖ Plan & execute indoor and outdoor events timely
❖ To constantly upgrade oneself and multitask to achieve the progression level
❖ Perform outdoor duties incase slimming events are organized beyond center premises. Perform & participate in center as per
events guidelines.

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